Charlotte Players auditions for Jack Benny’s Not 39 Anymore

Auditions for Jack Benny’s Not 39 Anymore will be held on Sunday and Monday March 17 and 18 at 7 pm both nights at Charlotte Players, 1182 Market Circle, Port Charlotte, FL. No experience necessary. Show runs from May 17-25 in the Langdon Playhouse.

Director Jenni Elliott will be looking for 4 or 5 men and 3 women to play 8 roles.

Characterizations are attached.

Any questions please call 255-1022 10 am to 3 pm Mon-Fri.

Jack Benny’s Not 39 Any More


NORMAN BENDER:  72 years old.  Feisty, always scheming to get rich quick.  Accent:  Jewish New York

EDNA BENDER:  70 years old.  Norman’s wife of 40 years.  Tolerant of his eccentricities but willing to go toe-to-toe with him when necessary.  Accent:  Jewish New York

ROSEMARIE DICARLO:  70 year-old attractive widow.  Edna’s new friend and next door neighbor.  Accent:  New York Italian

MARCIE SILVERMAN:  Norman and Edna’s divorced daughter, a fiftyish attractive lawyer.  Accent:  Jewish New York

RAYMOND DICARLO:  Rosemarie’s divorced son, a fiftyish attractive lawyer. Accent:  New York Italian

HARRY CONNEGHY:  72 years old.  Retired sock magnate who was married only to his career.  Accent:  New York

RABBI TEITLEBAUM:  95 years old.  He drifts in and out of reality.  Accent:  Jewish New York

JUDGE KRAUTHAMMER:  Any age.  Authoritarian and quirky.  Accent:  Jewish New York

Note:  Rabbi Teitlebaum and Judge Krauthammer can be played by the same actor.

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