Arts in Education

Encouraging Students to Engage in The Arts

Charlotte Arts is pleased to offer grants in support of teachers within Charlotte County Public Schools who incorporate arts and humanities into their curriculum. Charlotte Arts has awarded a total of $127,195 in grants, providing arts and cultural programs to more than 40,000 students.  Up to $8,000 will be awarded for the 2018-2019 school year. Individual teachers may apply by September 10 for up to $400. If three or more teachers apply collaboratively, the team may request a total of up to $1,000. Grants will be announced Oct. 9 at the School Board meeting. More guidance and the application form are available at For more information, email

Charlotte Arts advocates for the preservation of arts education in public schools by maintaining an open dialogue with the Charlotte County School Board and state representatives.

Annually, Charlotte Arts sponsors awards for the annual High School Art Show, held at the Visual Arts Center in Punta Gorda. Awards are presented to student artists from Charlotte High School, Port Charlotte High School, and Lemon Bay High School.

“When schools include art programs in the curriculum, children do better with math.”

— Kelly Borshein

Grants awarded in the 2018-2019 school year

Will be announced by Oct. 9, 2018

Grants awarded in the 2017-2018 school year

Grants were received by teachers at half of the public schools in Charlotte County, including three high schools, three middle schools, and five elementary schools. These projects involved more than 8,300 students.

  • Performing Arts Class Tech Equipment, $435, Murdock Middle School
  • Artist Trading Cards for an Emerging Art Community, $692, East Elementary School
  • STEAM Family Night, $950, Myakka River Elementary School
  • Math and Art Make the World Go Around! $390, Murdock Middle School
  • Mirror Mirror on the Wall, $449, Charlotte High School
  • The Addams Family Musical Collaborative Stagecraft, $379, Punta Gorda Middle School
  • Readers of the Arts, $999. Myakka River Elementary School
  • History of Art in Jazz, $689, Punta Gorda Middle School
  • Sculptures of a Human Head, $400, Port Charlotte High School
  • Ceramics and the Scientific Method, $392, Sallie Jones Elementary School
  • Create, Publish, & Perform, $391, Punta Gorda Middle School
  • The Music Supply Project, $400, Punta Gorda Middle School
  • Can You Spot the Leopard? African Masks, $399, Meadow Park Elementary School
  • Micropipette Art, $942, Lemon Bay High School
  • Art Therapy Garden, $93, L.A. Ainger Middle School

Grants awarded in the 2016-2017 school year

  • Raised on Radio, $1,000, The Academy
  • Art Therapy Garden, $398, L.A. Ainger Middle School
  • Greek Art is Symmetrical, $700, Peace River Elementary School
  • Performing Arts Ensemble, $440, Murdock Middle School
  • Camera Obscura Classroom, $660, Port Charlotte High School
  • Punta Gorda, Past and Present, $397, Punta Gorda Middle School
  • The Traveling Library $700, Port Charlotte Middle School
  • Hearfones, $700, Peace River Elementary School
  • Chihuly Legacy Project, $383, Meadow Park Elementary School
  • Dali Museum Trip, $300, L.A. Ainger Middle School
  • “STEAM” Plants a Folk Art Garden, $695, Port Charlotte Middle School
  • Single Ring Melody Bells, $400, Myakka River Elementary School
  • Through a Florida Native American’s Eyes, $667, East Elementary School
  • “STEAM” Camp, $300, Liberty Elementary School
  • Dream Weavers-, $376, Meadow Park Elementary School
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