Charlotte County Centennial: Request for articles by Sept. 30

Tthere will be no official county centennial book so I’ve decided to publish such a book, and I’m asking for your help.

I envision a different kind of commemorative book, a people’s history that will showcase both behind the scenes contributors to our community and culture and the men and women who were a part of the big things that shaped and defined our county. Please see the attached cover.

I’ve been here for 20 years. As a journalist I covered history daily. As a book publisher I’ve published my share of local history, working with legends such as the late Vernon Peeples. .

But I’d be remiss to think I could tell this story alone. Many of the authors whose books about the county I’ve published have agreed to provide excerpts. Other authors have contributed excerpts from their books that feature our county in some form or fashion. And I’m also enlisting experts in their fields to help flesh out the story of the county. From Sandi Witzke, the historian of the Charlotte County Garden Club to chroniclers of the community like Diana Harris, Fran Desguin, Lynn Harrell, and Mike Haymans, I’m asking people who know and are proud of their field of expertise and heritage to step forward.

Write an essay, send me a photo with a good caption, or just direct me to the old guy or woman who knows everything.

I’m been asking businesses to tell their stories. Teri Ashley, the Chamber executive, for example, has agreed to write a history of that organization.

In this time of plague, I’m using Zoom to conduct interviews. If you or someone you know would be interested in such an interview, send me an email. I’ll also be contributing the oral histories that result from those interviews to the county’s centennial Facebook page. The deadline for all submissions is Sept. 30. I plan to release the book during the first week of December.

Please help me. I’m not asking for money or a martini (although that would be nice), just your stories. Help me make this a true people’s history.


James Abrahamm (

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