The Arts…

Improve our local economy.

Cultural events from non-profit organizations attract more than 452,000 patrons in Charlotte County, generating over $21 million in spending and $756,000 in revenue generated to local government based on over 500 Full-Time Equivalent jobs supported by art and cultural spending in Charlotte County.

Arts & Economic Prosperity III: The Economic Impact of Nonprofit
Arts and Culture Organizations and Their Audiences in Charlotte County, 2007

Keep your property value up

The active cultural existence in Charlotte County contributes to our quality of life and makes our community a desirable place to live and work. This contributes to real estate growth.

Art Piece

Attract a skilled and educated workforce

A vital cultural atmosphere is an important criteria for people on the move and is more likely to keep them here.

Attract visitors to Charlotte County

Our lively cultural life is an added benefit to tourists and family visitors.

Bottom line?  The Arts are Good for Business.

Charlotte Arts relies on memberships, sponsorships, fundraising events, cash donations, in-kind donations, program fees, and grants to fund its programs. Do you have a heart for art?

“This world is but a canvas to our imagination.”

— Henry David Thoreau

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