The Geneagram: Call for stories and photos

It’s time again to write your genealogy stories for The Geneagram. We are lucky to have so many great writers in our group.
What’s your favorite story about your ancestors? Did your grandfather or grandmother have an occupation that’s no longer practiced? How did they manage to care for their families and their farms or homes and their chiildrens’ education? Where did they travel, and what method of travel did they use? If you have a story idea, contact me and we can talk about how to take it from an idea to an article, ready to publish.
The deadline for your stories and photos is Wednesday February 26 for the March issue of Geneagram.  Send to
We welcome articles on any subject related to genealogy, including family stories, research ideas, and stories of your travels in search of ancestors. We must have permission to reprint anything that has previously been published in print or on the internet.
Photos are great additions to any story. Sometimes a photo is a story by itself, with an appropriate caption.
I’ll look forward to reading your story!
Julia McIntyre
Editor, The Geneagram
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