Charlotte Arts online reception to select artists for Arts in Public Places 2021

Instead of an in-person reception for Arts in Public Places hosts to select artists whose work will be on display at their locations in 2021, the hosts will review samples of your work that you’ve provided for the Charlotte Arts online directory. The details are not yet worked through but we expect the hosts will make their selections in early December. Because of this we ask that you update your directory by mid-November and you can now include (1) the title of your art, (2) medium, and (3) size that’ll be added as a caption under each image.

The directory is updated regularly ( The page also includes guidance on how to submit an entry with a link to the online form ( After you’ve selected your four images, it should only take a few minutes to complete the form. You may update your information anytime by completing the online form. We do ask, however, that you complete the form in its entirety so we can simply replace the information.

You must be a current member of Charlotte Arts to participate. For more information on member benefits and how to pay, visit

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