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Roehrig Robert - Pewter Foil over Walnut

Robert C Roehrig Jr.

Categories: Visual Artist

Most of my adult life I have been attracted to the wonders that trees throughout the world have given us. I taught high school woodworking for 34 years and enjoyed sharing my knowledge of the subject with our younger generation. Wood is like a diamond in the rough. It has so much inner beauty with its multitudes of colors and grains. The process of exposing and bringing out this inner beauty is the true challenge. All of the wood I use comes from trees that have been felled due to disease, storms or development. These trees would be destined to be ground into mulch or hauled to a landfill. Woodturning is an outlet for me to preserve a little of that tree that has given us so much. It is truly a pleasure to bring out its inner beauty for all to enjoy.