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Pamela Jones


Categories: Mix Media

When I was married to an artist, I wondered what kind of art I would create, given the opportunity. I always was attracted to religious, ethnic and folkloric imagery, roadside memorials, home altars, New Mexican cemeteries and other commemorations of the dead. When I moved from Missouri to Florida, the urge to express myself kicked in. I began making assemblages that reminded me of Catholic reliquaries, using random, throwaway stuff. To me, these Shelliquaries (so-called because they use a bone-like shell) look like something a monk might have taken along on his journeys. They inspire people to come up with their own stories. Plus, everyone likes to open things up and see what’s inside. Bad Clowns expresses my personal coulrophobia, inspired by the memory of holding my breath and passing out upon seeing a clown when I was a little girl. Art Nativities grew out of a desire to offer interpretations of the iconic scene that could be considered art and displayed year-round. What all of my work has in common is that it gives old, discarded things new or unexpected life. Also, it gives me an excuse to haunt around in thrift and junk shops.