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Categories: Acrylic, Author, Charcoal, Painter, Pen/Ink, Poet, Watercolor

I am a freelance artist, author, and illustratior who works out of my studio in my home. I do commissioned work and also sell my work most of which is done in the realistic style. I do work in many different mediums however my two books that were published were done in Pen & Ink. They were historical diaries from the 1840’s so that seemed appropriate. I have taught Art classes for 3 years at Edison College, PGICA, Port Charlotte Cultural Center and the like and also my Studio. I was also an Art Editor for The Collector Magazine in NC. I enjoy doing character studies. Especially elderly people with so much wisdom in those beautiful fine lines on their face. What troubles had they seen thru so many years of worry & fear? One wonders. I do enjoy painting the masters, people, animals , and from pictures too.