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The Arts & Humanities Council highlights hundreds of local artists working in visual arts, music, theater, literature, filmmaking and more.

Contact information is included so that visitors can not only see the wide variety of talent in our community, they can also purchase artwork or hire professional services from artists and performers of all disciplines.

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Photo of Camille Blue Amy
Camille Blue Amy

I write children’s books and have three published.

Photo of Art by Dedo
Art by Dedo

Sample Art from DeDoa visual artist who captures emotions and the essence of life. my art celebrates life and my art connects to the universality of the human spirit.

Photo of Maryann Artesani
Maryann Artesani

Sample Art from Maryann ArtesaniWatercolorist with robust interest in the Florida lifestyle. Works highlight animals,flora and fauna that are unique to Florida.


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Henry August

Land and Seascape, with an occasional trip into abstract art.

Photo of Gina Battle
Gina Battle
Gina Battle Fine Art

Sample Art from Gina BattleI am a contemporary abstract artist, who utilizes mixed media in my work. I paint medium to large scale pieces in an array of mediums, such as acrylics, encaustic, ink, charcoal, epoxy resin, gel mediums, and varnishes within my work.

My work tends to have a lot of texture and bold colors. I paint medium (2ft x 3ft – 4ft x 5ft and larger canvases). I have private collectors and clients within and out of the US. I’ve privileged to have been invited to exhibit solo and group shows. I created a show titled Textures, Tones and Textiles at the Sidney & Berne Davis Art Center, Ft. Myers, FL Aug 2017. In addition to individual & residential clients. I am now accepting interior designers and commercial business clients.

Photo of James Beech
James Beech
JSB&A Design Inc.

I work in watercolor and acrylic to portray the emotion of the subject I am painting. I want the viewer to feel a relationship with the painting.

Photo of Karen Bell
Karen Bell

Sample art from Karen BellViolinist- I play chamber music at weddings or can play alone. I also stroll for events. Scherenschnitte is the art of German paper cutting. I use a pair of small scissors to cut images, scenes, silhouettes and mount them on decorative paper.

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John & Bonnie Benande
Sea Grape Gallery

Stoneware pottery, functional and decorative

Photo of Bisque It Studio
Bisque It Studio

Sample art from Hank WeisigerI work mainly with the art of glass fusing . Which is mosaic art with glass that is fired in a kiln . I also enjoy throwing pottery on wheel as well as clay hand building . Working with different clay bodies and glazes

Photo of Lee Blizard
Lee Blizard
Lee’s Art

I am a freelance artist, author, and illustratior who works out of my studio in my home. I do commissioned work and also sell my work most of which is done in the realistic style. I do work in many different mediums however my two books that were published were done in Pen & Ink. They were historical diaries from the 1840’s so that seemed appropriate. I have taught Art classes for 3 years at Edison College, PGICA, Port Charlotte Cultural Center and the like and also my Studio. I was also an Art Editor for The Collector Magazine in NC. I enjoy doing character studies. Especially elderly people with so much wisdom in those beautiful fine lines on their face. What troubles had they seen thru so many years of worry & fear? One wonders. I do enjoy painting the masters, people, animals , and from pictures too.

Sample art from Lee Blizard

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Photo of Nancy Briechle
Nancy Briechle

Sample art from Nancy BriechleI create realistic watercolors. I enjoy painting florals botanicals, and landscapes. I have been able to travel extensively to many parts of the world. Most of my photography depicts many of these places.

Photo of Diane Brooks
Diane Brooks

Sample art from Diane BrooksI love to create wearable art jewelry in silver and copper , emphasizing color with fire, enamel and semi-precious stones and occasionally beads. You may see more of my work on Fine Art America at


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Fred Capitelli

I play harmonica, tenor saxophone, and flute. I have a 16 piece BIG BAND. We play the music of Duke Ellington, Count Basie, Ray Anthony, Glenn Miller and many more. We play the first and third Wednesdays of each month from October through April in the Music Room at the Cultural Center. The address is: 2280 Aaron ST. Port Charlotte, Fl. Tel: 941-625-4175.

Photo of Wanda M Carter
Wanda M Carter
Pets & People, Too

I play alto sax and flute in two swing bands in Port Charlotte at the Cultural Center, beginning Oct. 8, 2017. 1. Charlotte County Big Band 2. INGROOV BIG BAND 1. Concerts: Sundays. beginning Oct. 8th……….don’t know the time yet…………afternoon or evening. 2. INGROOV: Wednesdays from 2-4 p.m. in the Music Room at the Cultural Center beginning the end of October. We play the 1st and 3rd Wednesdays of the month.

I paint from life, landscapes and portraits in pastel or acrylic paint. I love to paint people and animal portraits.

Sample art from Wanda Carter

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Myrna Charry
Myrna Charry Photography

My photographs are in the surreal tradition. I double expose images through the lens and create photomontages, collages and solarized prints in the darkroom. I love shooting nudes — they offer the most honest images. I play with light, using chiaroscuro techniques as my guide. Unusual combinations and strange arrangements are my trademark. My photos are not conventionally pretty — rather they are offbeat and curiously interesting.

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Thelma Daida
Water Colorist

With my career demands, I was not able to pursue my artistic interests until moving to Florida. I began by taking watercolor classes at the Visual Arts Center with Kathy Bostwick, and have attended numerous workshops with other instructors such as Maxine Masterfield, Mary Anne Beckwith, Kathleen Conover, Helga Flower, and Liz Hutchinson, all of whom were a great influence on my work.  They helped me enhance my skills and garner acceptance into juried shows and receive awards in exhibitions.

My earlier works were representational florals and botanicals, but as I progress, I find myself doing more abstract realism and non-objective abstracts, which I find challenging and very rewarding.

I am currently a member of the Arts & Humanities Council of Charlotte County, The Charlotte County Art Guild at the Visual Arts Center, and an associate of the Florida Watercolor Society and the International Society of Experimental Artists.  In February, 2009, I was the Charlotte County Artist of the Month.  In May, 2016, I became a Signature Member of the Florida Suncoast Watercolor Society.

Photo of Mark Davern
Mark Davern
Mark Davern Tattoo, Inc. / PainttheFloor

Mark is a tattoo artist and has been tattooing for nearly 40 years.

My paintings reflect my love of dance and beautiful women. A captured moment of movement, the subtle shading of skin and cloth, the strength of purpose all inspire my artwork.

SAmple Work from Mark Davern

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Desoto Arts & Humanities Council

Secretary for DeSoto Arts Council

Photo of Marilyn Dorsey
Marilyn Dorsey

After retiring and moving to Florida Marilyn found a lot of time on her hands so decided to do what she had always wanted to do, paint. She found she enjoyed painting birds so now is know as the Bird Lady She pays great attention to detail and rich color. Her style is impressionism. She tries to capture the beauty of the birds Her art is a refuge, helps her to forget, fuels her life and gives her great joy. Her art has been shown in many venues and has won a number of prestigious awards.

Photo of Janie Duke
Janie Duke
Glass Fusion Glass Duchess Studio
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Margaret Elder

I am a certified bunka teacher. It is a needle art done with lilli yarn. It is a blend of various types of stitches used in the picture. A Bunka picture resembles an oil painting but upon closer inspection you will see the beautiful art of the stitchery

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James Ellsworth
Bankershours Wood Turnings

Wood turned bowls, urns, vases, sculptures and utility pieces

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Joy Brooks Geer

Portraits, landscapes, scenary, abstracts, animals

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Vicki Glynn

Watercolors inspired by nature. Tropical, dipicting birds, fish, sky and water. Studies of the textures and layers of nature.

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Photo of Paul Guilmette
Paul Guilmette

Sample art from Paul GuilmetteI am a Metal Artist in Copper and Brass using new and recycled materials. I design custom Wind Vanes and Wind Directionals as well as sculpture whimsical creatures fashioned from high quality brass and copper or from old tools, vases, gas cans, etc. One of my wind vanes is on permanent display at the entrance to the Visual Arts Center in Punta Gorda.

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Cynthia Hassall

My work portrays a sunny, positive energy using a full palette of color; taking the observer to a comfortable, pleasing place.

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Photo of Kimberley Heffley
Kimberley Heffley
Painter, Sculptor, Mix Media

Self taught artist finally comfortable enough to claim the title and exploring the possibilities…

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Photo of Deanna Housfeld
Deanna Housfeld

Sample art from Deanna HousfeldDeanna is a visual artist with an interest in nautical themes. She pays close attention to composition, color and details in her paintings.

Photo of Elizabeth Hutchinson
Elizabeth Hutchinson
Red Hat Studio

Liz with ChampagneI am the owner of Red Hat Studio, a teaching facility at 311 Taylor Street in Punta Gorda for 18 years. Classes are held on Mon & Wed am (9-12:30) & pm (1:00-4:30) as well as Tues (9-12:30.) There are eight artists per class so there is always plenty of time for individual instruction. A group critique follows each class. Hands-on Color Workshops, Drawing Exercises, plus advice on Mural and Stained Glass Design are also offered. For eight years I served as the Assistant Director of Art/Study Giverny in the beautiful gardens of Claude Monet located in Giverny, France. Ask me about Commissioned Portraiture (including Dr. Ben Carson, Neuro Surgeon, recently retired from Johns Hopkins Hospital) as well as painting reproductions of your favorite classical paintings. I am a founding member of and have had a long association with the PG Historic Mural Society as well as serving as Assistant to Daniel Greene’s Workshop Program (Ohio and Florida.). Gallery associations provided upon request.

My work is essentially realistic, often with a twist of humor. My passions are drawing and color, I invite you to come see the world through my eyes. I am essentially a realistic artist with over thirty years experience. My passions are teaching, drawing and color — often with a touch of humor. Living a lucky life, I do what I love to do — come see the world through my eyes.

Photo of Janet Jennings
Janet Jennings

Sample art from Janet JenningsI paint in a variety of styles, including abstract, realism, and animal portraits using acrylic on stretched canvas, framed or gallery wrapped; lots of color. I also paint floor cloths and table runners with beautiful designs and color; easy to clean and durable for many years. Painting folk and abstract themed furniture is a specialty I’ve also enjoyed for a long time.

Photo of Pamela Jones
Pamela Jones

Sample art from Pamela JonesWhen I was married to an artist, I wondered what kind of art I would create, given the opportunity. I always was attracted to religious, ethnic and folkloric imagery, roadside memorials, home altars, New Mexican cemeteries and other commemorations of the dead. When I moved from Missouri to Florida, the urge to express myself kicked in. I began making assemblages that reminded me of Catholic reliquaries, using random, throwaway stuff. To me, these Shelliquaries (so-called because they use a bone-like shell) look like something a monk might have taken along on his journeys. They inspire people to come up with their own stories. Plus, everyone likes to open things up and see what’s inside. Bad Clowns expresses my personal coulrophobia, inspired by the memory of holding my breath and passing out upon seeing a clown when I was a little girl. Art Nativities grew out of a desire to offer interpretations of the iconic scene that could be considered art and displayed year-round. What all of my work has in common is that it gives old, discarded things new or unexpected life. Also, it gives me an excuse to haunt around in thrift and junk shops.

Photo of Susan Kapuchinski
Susan Kapuchinski
Sea Grape Gallery

Sample art from Sue KapuchinskiMy work is primarily oil on canvas done both from photos and sketches from my many travels. I have a particular love of florals and landscape and try to explore the inherent beauty in nature either from a singular orchid bloom or a specific setting that was my inspiration. My work usually conveys a soft, romantic though realistic mood and my goal is to make my artwork sing!

Photo of Karyl Katz
Karyl Katz

I have been painting in Watercolor and Acrylic for approximately 5-6 years. I have been a photographer for many years. and have sold both my paintings and photos. I am also a writer of prose for many years. I have exhibited in “Art in Public Places” as well. My career is a Psychotherapist and my specialty is Addictions.

Sample work from Katz Karyl

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Susan Krasny
Sea Grape Gallery

My paintings are meant to communicate a unique sense of place through the bold use of color and light. My travels, both within the United States and abroad, provide the inspiration for many of my paintings. This allows me to mentally re-visit each location and express its special qualities.

Photo of Paul L. LaFleur
Paul L. LaFleur

P.D. LaFleur is the author of four novels and several short stories. A native of New England, LaFleur has enjoyed a diverse career that includes café owner, business consultant, and President/CEO of a Boston-based financial services firm. He is a graduate of the University of Massachusetts at Boston, and currently lives on the shores of the Gulf of Mexico where he is a frequent lecturer on writing and continues work on a fifth novel.

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Jill Lindsay

Color is the primary focus in all my work. I use alcohol inks because they are so vibrant and unexpected. The artwork I create with the ink is both abstract and loosely realistic. I love experimenting with collage, resin, altering papers and acrylic paint as well. I always strive to create art that looks good from afar and makes you want to look closer and hopefully linger.

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Mary Lundeberg
Nature Connections
Photo of Carol Mahler
Carol Mahler

Adventures in the Charlotte Harbor WatershedA professional storyteller and singer-songwriter, Carol Mahler combines entertainment and education in telling Florida folklore. She is the author of three books: “How Do I Follow?” a poetry collection (Peace River Press, 2012); “Guy LaBree: Barefoot Artist of the Florida Seminoles,” nonfiction (University Press of Florida, 2010); and “Adventures in the Charlotte Harbor Watershed: A Story of Four Animals and Their Neighborhood,” a children’s book (Charlotte Harbor National Estuary Program, 2008, 2009). Her poems and articles have been published in magazines and newspapers; in addition, she researches, writes, edits, and designs books for the DeSoto County Historical Society.

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Sandra Manzke
Artwork by Sandra Manzke

I work in multiple mediums. The subjects I paint range from landscapes to seascapes, wildlife to still life as well as animal and human portraitures. Much attention is given to detail. My work usually consists of very bold colors with sharp contrasting backgrounds.

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Photo of Cheryl McClure
Cheryl McClure
Sea Grape Gallery


Sample Art from Cheryl McClure

Photo of Toni McNulty
Toni McNulty

Sample painting from Toni McNultyMy paintings are highly expressive and emotional regardless of whether it is an abstract, landscape or still life. If I paint a person, generally they are anonymous one with my feelings painted onto of the moment. I also love to paint horses and want to do more, such gentle, noble and loving creatures. Movement and rhythm are also important in my work,

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Beth Allen Morrison

Beth Ann Morrison is an award winning nature photographer who enjoys photographing the amazing sunsets that we are privileged to have here in Southwest Florida. She also loves to feature the exotic birds and beautiful flowers and landscapes. Beth is also a professional Flutist who has performed with many musical groups for over 25 years. Beth spends most days teaching elementary school general music classes, helping children learn to sing songs, move to music and play instruments.

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Photo of Gloria G Nelson
Gloria G Nelson

Watercolor PaintingWatercolors are always a surprise to me. I’m never sure what will happen when applying water and paint to paper. Watching it mingle, meander, and change is a wonder for me. It always provides me with inspiration. Florida birds, flowers, turtles and more always seem to emerge from the paper. My subject matter is always around me. I get lost in my paintings. Time disappears.

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Linda ONeill

My photography consists of wildlife, nature, landscape,digital art .

Photo of Sandi Orgovan
Sandi Orgovan
Florida Inspirations

I prefer photographing nature including landscapes, seascapes, flowers, birds and animals. I also use heat transfers to put my pictures and my customers’ pictures and ideas on many items including tee shirts, puzzles, mouse pads and more.


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Photo of Kathy Przepadlo
Kathy Przepadlo
Kates Art Studio

Sample art from Kathy PrzepadioKathleen “Kate” Przepadlo

I found great interest in all the different mediums, from graphite & charcoal to watercolor, acrylic and oils.  Having studied with Barbara Albin, internationally known Katelyn Smith, & nationally acclaimed artist Alix Anderson, Bob Ross & Johannes Vloothius. While in New Jersey, she worked as a commissioned artist for custom made furniture.  She is a member of the Visual Arts Center in Punta Gorda and the Arts and Humanities Council of Charlotte County. Her work has been shown at the Rose Gallery in Port Charlotte, Art in Public Places for the Arts & Humanities Council and The Galleries at the Visual Art Center.

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Photo of Bonnie E. Rodgers
Bonnie E. Rodgers
Originals by Bonnie E. Rodgers, Inc.

Sample art from Bonnie RodgersRepresentation art in oil, acrylic, watercolor, mixed media and photography as a prolific artist using anything to express my artistic thoughts.

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Photo of Linda Soderquist
Linda Soderquist
Water Colorist

Living on a bridgeless, barrier island affords Linda Soderquist opportunities to observe wildlife and be inspired by pristine beaches. Sea turtles and shorebirds are frequently found in her watercolors, while nature’s wonders underwater also provide fascinating subjects. As she experiments with colorful washes, scenes of the island emerge in her work. Coaxing out the bright light through negative painting helps to portray the beauty of her natural surroundings.

Linda received her B.A. in Fine Art and Education from Illinois Wesleyan University and an M. Ed. from the University of South Florida. After teaching gifted elementary students for many years, Linda retired and began to focus on her painting career. She has illustrated three books on Florida’s turtles and regularly exhibits paintings in shows and galleries.

Linda spent her childhood summers in northern Minnesota, where she first nurtured a deep appreciation for nature. She has lived on Florida’s Little Gasparilla Island for over twenty-five years, observing nature, beachcombing, painting, and taking care of the island’s sea turtles and shorebirds…a never-ending inspiration.

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Howard Spielman
Howard Spielman Fine Art
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Photo of Natalie Terry
Natalie Terry
Sherwin Williams

Member of North Port Symphony playing viola. Also play viola at Murdock Baptist Church. Color consultant at Sherwin Williams.

Most of my current paintings are landscapes of places I have been. Recently painted some Navy ships and submarines. I have also done balaclava and white charcoal portraits. I love color and now work recommending colors for interior and exterior paint.

Sample art from Natalie Terry

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Photo of Anne Tuttle
Anne Tuttle

Contemporary realism encompassing landscapes, seascapes, still life, and portraiture

Sample art from Anne Tuttle

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Photo of James Vallie
James Vallie
Salty Dog Productions LLC

Performs a mix of classic country and light rock songs on guitar as well as singing, with custom background tracks for a full band sound at a single person rate.

Jim Vallie  Jim Vallie

Photo of Becky Van Pelt
Becky Van Pelt

International Master Artist and published poet. Painting harmonious paintings in abstract form. Drip paint of an impressionism style painting.

International Contemporary Master Artist, publish poet. A great deal of consideration go into each painting, while applying the fundamental rules of a successful painting. I paint a background, middle ground, then a foreground, placing it at three primary points of interest. I will then drip paint over the creation. The outcome is a harmonious composition of abstract.


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Photo of Tina Weida
Tina Weida

Most all my work is done with a digital camera. I am a fine art and abstract photographer. I also do landscape, advertising and the occasional portrait. I use an artistic eye to take pictures that makes the viewer stop and think about what they are seeing or just enjoy the view.

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Michael White
Island Flavah

I sing/DJ for various types of events, large or small.

Photo of Phil Wickstrom
Phil Wickstrom
Maddie’s Wish

Maddie’s Wish offers hand crafted and hand stitched genuine leather goods.  Maddie’s Wish offers hand crafted and hand stitched genuine leather goods.  Enjoy the convenience of carrying an all-in-one billfold-and phone case for any phone. Wrap your iPad or tablet in a sturdy leather case with a unique design and concho for closing securely. Maddie’s Wish also makes lovely ring binders that feature lots of storage.

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Photo of Karen Wood
Karen Wood

I think I am truly an artist at heart; perhaps reincarnated! As I have gotten older my passion has only grown. Whether it is painting pictures, (murals, and even sandals on the sidewalks of Punta Gorda!) creating batiks or sculpting, there is just never enough time! Can’t wait to retire!!!

Karen Wood: Caladium

Karen Wood: Caladium

Karen Wood: Old Fishing Hat

Karen Wood: Old Fishing Hat

Karen Wood: The Real Nattalie Wood

Karen Wood: The Real Nattalie Wood

Photo of Kathy Wood
Kathy Wood

Kathy Wood considers herself a Mixed Media Artist producing functional art. Kathy currently creates vintage style journals. From the look of yellowing pages, to the water damage spots, Kathy incorporates these vintage aspects into her journals. Additionally, she incorporates pieces of original ephemera of forgotten letters and postcards from loved ones during an era when beautiful penmanship was a means if communication, within the pages of each journal. These long forgotten means of communication have a story to tell and can be used as an inspiration for documenting global travels or simply capturing the fleeting moments of everyday life.

Photo of Beverly Yankwitt
Beverly Yankwitt

I work mostly in mixed media using acrylic, markers, papers, and collage on canvas or watercolor paper. I especially enjoy doing abstract paintings although I do representational work in oil and cold wax. I also do encaustics which is melted bees wax and damar resin on wood panels.

Sample art from Beverly Yankwitt

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