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Charlotte Arts: Art in Public Places Program

The Arts & Humanities Council of Charlotte County – Charlotte Arts – is Charlotte County’s only “united arts” agency. Charlotte Arts celebrates and supports all artists – visual arts, performing arts, and humanities – as well as cultural organizations and businesses.

Charlotte Arts promotes the work of local visual artists through its Art in Public Places program. It’s easy to find art in your community simply while you’re out and about in your neighborhood. Charlotte Arts offers residents and visitors to Charlotte County access to public places with art changing regularly. Exhibits are two-dimensional art of every medium, including watercolor, oil, acrylic, traditional media, jewelry, digital art, photography, and more. Most of the pieces are available for purchase.

Membership Requirements for Artists and Host Sites

Artists and Host Sites must be current members of Charlotte Arts to participate in Art in Public Places. We ask that membership be paid through the website. It’s safe and easy.

Host Site Criteria

Host Sites should anticipate that at least 200 people will come into the building during each show to ensure good viewing of the art. In 2022, we ask that Host Sites plan to have each artist show their work for four months (Jan. to Apr., May to Aug., Sep. to Dec.), but this schedule can be modified if necessary.


Charlotte Arts does not charge a commission for Art in Public Places. (Before 2018, a 20% commission had been charged for every art purchased.) We hope members will sell more art by not having to mark up your work to cover the commission. We want to give artists every opportunity to sell their work and get it in the hands of the people.

Host Site & Artist Selection

Each year, we ask that members let Charlotte Arts know of their interest in participating and confirm that each Host Site wishes to continue participating.

For 2021 and 2022, the reception to select artists was done virtually. We anticipate the process will be similar for 2023. Artists provide information for an online directory. Each member is given opportunities to provide four images to represent themselves as artists. The pieces online aren’t necessarily the art they’ll hang but should give you an idea of their style. Also, because of the increased time the art will be on display, they (and you) may want to have them change the pieces, especially if any sell or if they’ve created something new.

For 2022, Host Sites were asked to agree with each member they selected. Artists and Host Site Coordinators should discuss the size and expected number of pieces needed. For example, an artist with a limited number of small pieces should not attempt to show at a large location that requires numerous, large-scale pieces.

We ask the Host Sites to let us know (by Dec. 15 if possible) who has agreed to participate at their location in 2022 by completing this online form. It’ll take probably two minutes!

Release Form

In 2022, please contact the artist at least one month before the artist’s work is exhibited at your site. The artist should complete the release form and provide it to Charlotte Arts by the first of the month. This is a legal document, and we must receive it. It can be sent by email to Let us know if you need the release form.


Approximately two weeks before the start of each show, we’ll contact the members to ask them to confirm details and provide a digital sample of the work that’ll be on display, be sure their memberships are current and ask them to provide a sample of their work that’ll represent their pieces on display. Charlotte Arts will promote Arts in Public Places on its website, in its online cultural calendar, and in the every-other Friday email that is now also posted on its website and Facebook.

AIPP Receptions

Receptions are scheduled at the discretion of the host site. Please keep Charlotte Arts ( informed of any additions, including receptions or changes.

Contact Charlotte Arts for More Information

If you have any questions about the artists, please contact Leigha Murray. (She prefers you reach her at If an artist is selected to participate, she may help find another artist.

Thank you for considering furthering the arts and humanities in Charlotte County.

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